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A12 Personeelsdiensten

About A12 Personeelsdiensten

We are the partner to work with to help you fill those (temporary) vacancies. Thanks to our knowledge and experience in logistics, all areas of civil engineering, the technical sector and industry, we are able to find the right candidate to fill your vacancy. Our assistance to the candidate ensures that he gets the right job and that you get the right candidate.

Are you looking for a job that really suits you? A job where your qualities come into their own? A job where you are more than just an employee? Then you’ve come to the right place. We not only look at your diplomas or certificates, but we enter into discussions to see who you are and what kind of position would suit you best. We also think it is important that you have work that you enjoy doing.

So we will consult with you to see whether an employer is right for you. So if you are looking for work in the field of logistics, ground, road and hydraulic engineering, the technical sector and industry, please contact us. Before you know it, you will have found the job that suits you down to the ground.