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Vacancies for Truckdrivers on the Rise

Looking to step into the new year with some new job opportunities? Then look no further than the trucking industry, which offers tremendous opportunity for those who want to get behind the wheel of an HGV or lorry and make their way across Europe. To find out more about these vacancies, as well as where you can fill them, click here!

They provide an excellent way to have a rewarding career

Driving a big rig, which is actually quite fun to drive. A big advantage to truck driving is that it’s hard work, so you don’t have time to think about how miserable you are. You can also work your way up in pay and position over time. Some truck drivers stick with long-haul driving their whole careers, but others choose a local job that allows them to take home more money and still enjoy their free time once they finish their runs for the day.

Truck drivers enjoy a wide range of benefits

They can take home good money and enjoy a job that many find extremely gratifying. In addition, truck drivers are in demand as there is often a shortage of qualified candidates. This is primarily due to two major factors: an aging workforce and technological advancements in trucks leading to them being easier to operate. For these reasons, it has become a great time to start driving professionally as a truck driver.

What does it take to become a truck driver?

To become a truck driver, you must be at least 21 years old and possess a valid license. Drivers over age 24 may not have more than one moving violation within three years. It’s also necessary to pass a pre-employment physical exam as well as drug and alcohol tests before receiving a job offer from many employers.

Where can you find jobs?

Our vacancies are online. Check out and search your vacancy. Is your job not listed? Then call us to inform you about the possibilities.

Tips for getting into the industry

In many countries, there’s a shortage of truck drivers—and more jobs than people to fill them. It’s possible to become a truck driver without an education beyond high school, but you can also work your way up by starting as a delivery driver or other entry-level job and working your way up from there. One thing is certain: The future is looking brighter for truckers.

We can help you to become a truck driver!

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